Making a Future – A report on the Needs of Migrant Communities in the Eastern Region

Making a Future was undertaken by MIC staff between June and October 1999. The report discusses and identifies solutions to a number of issues raised by residents and service providers in respect to the delivery of human services across the region. Staff consulted with residents in over 30 focus groups and with service providers in a forum that looked at the issues for migrants in respect to aged, family, youth, health and, employment and education. The report also analyses the demographics of the region and examines current research on the needs of migrant communities.

The report examines in detail our findings in respect to language barriers, employment, health services, elderly migrants, families and young people from migrant communities and information services. The end product of the report is our service model and an action plan that identifies the particular activities we will undertake to meet the needs of migrant communities in the Eastern Region.

The report is available for downloading in Microsoft Word format. The files are available unzipped or zipped. Please click on the links below to download the desired files:

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Executive Summary
Chapter 1:
Language barriers
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Health Services
Chapter 4:
Elderly Migrants
Chapter 5:
Families and Young People from Migrant Communities
Chapter 6:
Information about Services
Chapter 7:
Providing Services to Migrant Communities
Action Plan