Family Violence

Family Violence Counselling Program – Client Feedback: July 2021 – December 2021

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Family Violence Counselling Program – Client Feedback: July 2020 – June 2021

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Family Violence Counselling Program – Client Feedback: 2019 – 2020

Our qualified psychologist provides counselling to women who have experienced, are experiencing or who are at risk of experiencing family violence.

Clients who concluded sessions during 2019-2020 were contacted to undertake a telephone survey to obtain their feedback on the services they received from the program. Interpreters were provided when required. This feedback is then used to further improve the service MIC provides.

100% of clients who completed the survey identified finding out about the MIC counselling service through MIC Settlement caseworkers

80% of clients found talking about their problem helped whilst 20% neither agreed or disagreed that talking helped.  Clients indicated that talking about their problems helped them to:

  • Communicate better with their husband so that they could slowly resolve issues together
  • Find solutions to resolve family issues
  • Feel relaxed and express themselves better
  • Build their confidence in themselves

100% of clients who responded to the question on whether their expectations were met indicated that they were “mostly met”. Two respondents indicate that they would like to continue to meet with the counsellor to help them solve their family problems.

100% of clients indicated that they did not have to wait long for an appointment.

80% felt that the counsellor understood their culture and beliefs whilst 20% neither agreed or disagreed.

100% stated that the counsellor helped them to identify actions that would help them.

80% stated that each session helped them to confirm the actions that would help them and identify new actions.

75% of clients felt that they could deal with their problems in the future whilst 25% disagreed.

100% of clients who responded to the survey stated that the counsellor listened to them and understood their choices and decisions.

40% agreed that they felt closer to their family, friends and community whilst 40% disagreed and 20% neither agreed nor disagreed.

80% felt more independent whilst 20% did not.

The MIC counselling service was positively received with clients indicating that:

  • I was very satisfied with my experience at the MIC (60%)
  • I would use this service again (60%)
  • I would recommend this service to friends (80%)

Comments included:

  • The counsellor is great and supportive.  I thanked her for the help she gave to me and my husband.
  • The counsellor is a good listener, a good advisor and she chooses very good interpreters to work with her.  She is a great worker.