Family Violence

Our qualified psychologist provides counselling to women who have experienced, are experiencing or who are at risk of experiencing family violence.

Clients who concluded sessions during 2017-2018 were invited to complete a feedback questionnaire via telephone. Clients are offered interpreters should they require. This feedback is then used to further improve the service MIC provides and tailor support according to current needs.



Clients during the period of 2017-2018 identified finding out about the MIC counselling services through:

  • Centrelink
  • Eastern Access Community Health, (EACH)
  • AMES
  • Chinese Community


By talking about their problems through the MIC counselling service, clients stated it helped in the following ways:

  • To relax me
  • Someone to understand
  • I knew I needed to talk about my problems
  • To get help
  • To get strategies to help me work through my bad experiences


Clients expressed a range of expectations of the sessions and how they were met. A total of 60% of participants indicated the all expectations were met, with 40% stating expectations were mostly met. Comments from participants were:

  • I just needed to talk to understand the situation
  • I needed to express myself
  • I needed to release emotions
  • The first time was not good, but after mostly good
  • I faced lots of difficulties in my home country, I liked being able to talk through the issues and move through them
  • Everyone good to me, very helpful
  • Good strategies to distract me
  • She listened and let me speak






The MIC counselling service was overall positively received with client who participated commenting:

  • Overall, I was very satisfied with my experience at the MIC.
  • Overall, I would use this service again.
  • I would recommend this service to friends