Client feedback

The Migrant Information Centre provides a range of strategies for obtaining feedback from our clients.

These include:

  • Translated written forms in Arabic, Chinese, Falam Chin, Farsi/Persian, Hakha Chin, Karen, and Tedim Chin/Zomi which our clients are invited to complete every time they visit one of our offices
  • Translated forms that are distributed at the end of our group programs
  • Six monthly telephone surveys using interpreter services
  • Project evaluation which are documented in final reports
  • Annual consultations with community leaders and community groups

Our feedback is collated and reported to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis as well as at quarterly planning staff meetings where it is used to inform service improvements and to identify service gaps that may require additional funding.

We also collect statistics on our clients.

Client survey results 2016/2017

Question 1

When you talk with the the staff member today was the information they provided clear to you?

Question 2

Did you find the information provided useful?

Question 3

How helpful did you find the staff who spoke with you today?

Question 4

Would you recommend the MIC to your family and friends?

Question 5

What other services would you like the MIC to offer?

  • Youths program
  • Badminton Girls soccer Girls tennis Volleyball!
  • Soccer for girls
  • Badminton and Tennis Computer games tournament
  • I like badminton program, and indoor soccer is fun as well.
  • Outdoor soccer

Question 6

Do you have any comment?

  • Thank you for the services and opportunities you’ve granted us.
  • Thank you to all please make more programs
  • Thanks to MIC for making us happy anyway they can
  • Please follow up the delay chat, we have experience so that it will not happen to the refugees.

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